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Digitaltag 2020 – #digitalmiteinander / ttn-hennef-digital

[EN] The “TTN-Rhein-Sieg” community, represented by Caspar and Jens, presented itself very successfully on the occasion of the „Digital Day 2020“ with a lecture and a workshop in the Meys factory. The host and partner for us is the city of Hennef, which addresses current topics with a webinar and a 3-part workshop series and not […]

Allgemein Gateway Infrastruktur Tracking

World Record (16th April 2020) – LoRa

[JN] Thanks for beeing part on that sucessful double world-record ! Our local village gateways recieved the signals from the baloon that was launched near Utrecht (NL) ! Visit full story at: LINK Gateway „ttn-hennef-gateway04“ Gateway „happerschoss“ (indoor – expermental) (the maps were generated with the ttnmapper.org service)

Allgemein PAX-Counter Tracking

Out in the wild

[EN] „out in the wild“ — one of the PAX-Counter with internal GPS-reciever is running outside to see whats up around 😀 – this picture was taken while sundowner near Hennef (Germany) — thanks for sharing this beautiful moment to all the TTN and Lora people (credit: xRoNiNx) (spec: TTGO T-Beam ESP32 868Mhz WiFi Bluetooth […]